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CNBC: After Russia was accused of using memes and viral images to influence elections, Facebook will now fact-check pictures and videos

CNBC goes into how

  • The move expands Facebook’s review efforts to posts that are traditionally harder to monitor.
  • Edited photos and strong visuals were common among the posts by Russian agents attempting to interfere with the 2016 U.S. presidential election and other global elections.
  • Facebook users can flag photos or images for review.

Now, step back…

Since when has Schmuckerberger ever been interested in protecting anything – in the U.S. or elsewhere – that relates to freedom and/or to Liberty?

When he hides posts in Germany that point to the truth about Muslim immigrants?

When he helps China hide half the world from the people of China from the internet?

When he proclaims war on fakenews while all along has shown he does not have the capacity to delegate such a project to those that can discern the difference between facts and hate news?

For Schmuckerberger, it’s not about the truth, has his actions not always lead to not giving up the con (think Godfather)??

FB is about collecting data and what???

Do they not limit those that push Liberty???

Which means???

If you are not supporting Liberty, then you are supporting what??

Forget Communism, forget socialism, forget facism – these are only shells in the shell game…

What IS the shell game?

Who created communism? Socialism? Facism?

Who provided the doctrines and finances for them to get started?

Watch the shell game, not the shells…